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The coolest blog about tunnels on the Internet

The coolest blog about tunnels on the Internet

What do you get when you mix tunnels and humor? Tunnel Insider, the Internets coolest blog all about tunnel news (national and international), tunnel facts, tunnel videos, tunnel riddles, tunnel funnies and tunnel resources. Wowzers!

It’s like a tunnel buffet on the Internet, but better.

What’s interesting about this blog is that it has managed to take an arguably boring and serious topic and spin it by taking a humorous approach in its articles all while providing instructive and informative insights about tunnels, exuding a very John Oliver on Last Week Tonight personality, perhaps funnier!

Now only if classes in school were taught in the same manner, with constructive humor, we’d actually learn and retain the information longer, and we’d be a lot smarter; which might make us feel less stressed about the school loans we racked up.

So, why tunnels you may ask? Well, we asked the same question, then a light bulb went off.

If you are not familiar with Hawthorne California, its where none-other-than Elon Musk’s The Boring Company is headquartered, which is spearheading the movement to build tunnels under Los Angeles in an attempt to defy traffic that’s been plaguing the city for years.

When you have a billionaire selling hats and now flamethrowers, excuse us, not-a-flamethrowers to promote his company and vision, you can help but jump on that tunnel bandwagon, at least that’s what we would do. BAM, light bulb!

As many of you have heard, Elon threw a party to distribute the first 1,000 not-a-flamethrowers, where some customers drove thousands of miles to pick them up; now that some dedication. We don’t recall the last time Jeff or Tim did something like that.

So, if you ever want to know any or more info about tunnels, or want to surprise your friends or family others with some tunnel insights, jokes or news, book-mark Tunnel Insider as your all-things-tunnel go to place right now; you’ll be glad you did, trust us on this!