Programmatic 101 is the #1 advertising learning platform

So you want to get into digital marketing huh? You want to be a media planner or a media buyer for an agency or advertising technology company right? Got it. Not to worry, the team here at NewsFleek “ga-chu”.

Enter, the #1 most comprehensive and user-friendly programmatic advertising knowledge-based platform on the Internet created by Rocket One. That’s right folks or “future marketers” I should say, the site boasts a tremendous amount of information and terminology that you need to know if you want to be a rock star in this industry. Only if this site was around when we started, the flow of learning and information digestions would have been significantly easier.

Most people don’t know but digital marketing is one of the most competitive industries in the world. It is constantly changing and companies are constantly innovating ways on how to deliver ads to consumers. With constant change and innovation comes new learning’s and practices. This is where Programmatic 101 comes in.

If you’re fresh out of college and want to get into the digital marketing industry or just need to brush up, take a sneak peek at the site. It packs a vast selection of what-is content that describes industry terminology followed by a great how-to guide on how to apply the learned terminology to real word cases. In addition, it has a great curated selection of videos from YouTube that speak towards industry leanings as well as some really funny videos about commercials. Lastly, it has some ad-ops tools for the hybrid traffickers out there such as an ad tag tester and a VAST inspector along with some resources to keep you up to date in the industry with rss news that clicks out to the respective articles and organizations.

Happy marketing!