Mexican cuisine redefined at Toca Madera in WeHo


You saw the Instagram and Facebook pictures and status updates, you read the gossip columns of which celebrity was there, lastly, you gawked at your friends stories when they vividly described last Saturday night and the amazingly good looking people, awesome Mexican food and atmosphere at Toca Madera in WeHo.

Yes, we’ve heard the stories, saw the IG pictures and we couldn’t agree more.

Located off of 3rd Street just off of La Cienega in West Hollywood California, in what used to be a local bar, Toca Madera is a new hot spot for Los Angeles cool crowd mostly made up of models, celebrities, business peeps and locals. We had a chance to check out the spot before it got popular and all we can say is “success”!

The decor is awesome, bar display is “spot-on”, the bar tenders are “nearly perfect multitaskers” because they can get multiple drink orders going at once and not lose sight of who ordered what and more importantly, they acknowledge your presence at the busy bar so waiting for a drink is a good experience.

Anyhow, the food is very good, perhaps some of the best Mexican food we’ve had in Los Angeles, and more importantly – arguably – it draws a chic crowd that’s very easy on the eye. Don’t believe us?

Go there on a Friday or Saturday night and see if  you have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of IG models and public figures in one spot socializing and being flirty. Yes, its a great spot for eye candy; very sweet eye candy.

So, whether you are from Los Angeles or you want to make you way out to Los Angeles for vacay, don’t forget to add Toca Madera to your list of restaurants to eat at.

Who knows, maybe be you’ll see Jeremy Pivens or DeAndre Jordan causally chatting up the local patrons while enjoining the scene and amazing Mexican food! Orale!

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