LAFC Weekly is your goto blog for all things Los Angeles Futball Club

There is a new sheriff in town, or should we say LAFC blog. Allow us to introduce LAFC Weekly, a fan powered blog covering LAFC culture.

Thats correct, LAFC Weekly is the first fan blog for the Los Angeles Futbol Club.

The other one that we know of is Angels on Parade which is a corporate site owned and operated by Vox Media.

Ok, so what makes LAFC Weekly special? Well its professional designed and managed, as well as co-owned by Rocket One, a data drive advertising technology company.

Second, the blog features all-time and match highlights, the latest news and rumors as well as cool fan photos.

For anyone looking to get a glimpse of the teams fan side of things, then LAFC Weekly should be your go-to spot on the internet.

For more info or to contact LAFC, check out their social media handles below: